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February 14, 2005

Take this story, for example. Michigan police recently arrested a 4-year-old boy who borrowed his parents' car in the middle of the night to rent a video game. Seriously. (We didn't make this up.) 

An officer became suspicious when he spotted an apparently driverless car with its lights off zigzagging slowly between two lanes of highway.  So the officer turned on the siren and the chase was on. 

The 4-year-old tried his best to evade the officer (smashing into a parked car and then reversing into the police car). But in the end the police got their boy. 

Of course, the real question is how did a 3' tall kid drive a full-sized car? The answer is that he slid down, stepped on the accelerator, then stood up and steered until the car slowed down. And then he repeated the process until he got caught. 

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