Florida’s Violent Videogames Legislation Passes Senate Hearing Committee

Video Game Law Blog

January 20, 2006

The continued efforts by US states to introduce legislation preventing the sale of violent videogames to minors took another turn last week, as a Florida Senate committee hearing passed a new bill by a vote of 7-1.

Closely modelled on California Bill AB1179, Senate Bill 492 seeks to impose fines (up to USD $1,000 per infraction!) for retailers selling violent videogames to minors. Additionally, the bill would impose government-approved labels on videogames, on top of the existing self-regulatory ESRB ratings system.

However, considering that the continued efforts of the Entertainment Software Association have so far resulted in the prevention of similar laws in Indianapolis, Michigan and Illinois, actual implementation of Bill 492 might never occur. In fact, a similar bill was also halted recently in California, on the grounds of violating the free speech amendment to the Constitution.

The progress of Bill 492, as well as of any related litigation, will be followed closely in the upcoming weeks.

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