First Phase Of Draft Regulations Under The Clean Water Act, 2006 Posted On EBR

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April 17, 2007

The first phase of draft Regulations under the Clean Water Act, 2006  are now posted on the Environmental Registry. The EBR posting for the Regulations can be found here .

The Act,which received Royal Assent on October 19, 2006, is intended to address 12 of the recommendations which resulted from the judicial inquiry into the Walkerton water tragedy. The purpose of the Act is to protect existing and future sources of drinking water in Ontario. Importantly, the Act will require communities to create and carry out a plan to protect the sources of their municipal drinking water supplies.

The Regulations to the Act are being developed in phases and are said to support the development and implementation of source protection plans across the province. The first phase addresses the following topic areas (1) source protection areas and regions, (2) source protection committees, (3) terms of reference, (4) time limits, (5) planned drinking water systems, (6) drinking water systems that cannot be included in terms of reference, (7) imminent drinking water hazard notification, (8) additional Great Lakes agreements, and (9) exemptions. A description of each of these areas can be found here .

Public comments on these Regulations will be accepted until May 12, 2007.