Video Game Law Blog

April 11, 2005

Electronic Arts has shored up the long-term exclusive video game rights to yet another major sports licence, adding to its impressive roster which includes the NFL, Arena Football League, and ESPN.This time, EA has penned a six-year deal with the Collegiate Licensing Company for the exclusive video game rights to NCAA football. With this move, EA has effectively locked down "football" – not only for the tail end of current consoles, but for most, if not all, of the lifespans of next generation consoles as well.Although critics have argued that EA's long-term exclusives will stifle competition and lead to stagnation in EA's titles, these pundits should remember that the other football developers, including Take-Two Interactive, are still free to create games with all those generic team and player names that nobody else wants to play with.Full coverage at http://shorl.com/debolumustydy