Video Game Law Blog

March 08, 2005

Two recent stories address the development of in-game advertising and product tie-ins.  First, Sony's new Everquest II on-line multiplayer game has a built-in function that lets players access the Pizza Hut website and order pizza without leaving the game (the game does not pause during the transaction, however, so players are cautioned only to order pizza while in a safe place).  Sony also plans to integrate the pizza function even further, so that players can charge their pizza purchases to their monthly game subscription bill.  How Sony plans to deal with the resulting waste issues remains to be seen.Second, Swedish game publisher Funcom has entered into a new deal with Massive which will see Massive stream advertising into the Anarchy Online gameworld.  As discussed in Issue 1.1 of the Video Game Law Report, this in-game advertising trend will only get bigger as advertisers catch on to the fact that a key market demographic is shifting from television to video games for entertainment.Coverage at