Video Game Law Blog

April 09, 2005

Mobile games publisher Digital Bridges recently rebranded itself as 'I-Play"?. Unfortunately, the new name and logo are similar to the name and logo of rival publisher Play it. Apparently each company's IP lawyer is getting warmed up for an impending battle.

It's not clear whether Digital Bridges conducted any searches before rebranding, but it's obviously important to do comprehensive searches before adopting any new mark. At the very least, these searches should review registered trade-marks and pending trade-mark applications in all countries where you intend to launch the brand. But it's also a good idea to conduct broader searches of corporate registries, trade publications, phone directories, domain names and the Web to see what else is out there.

The cost of these searches is always less than the cost of defending a lawsuit, paying damages for infringement, re-branding (again) and losing the goodwill in your brand.
Coverage of the I-Play matter is available here