Video Game Law Blog

April 22, 2005

We reported last year about the looming war over next-generation DVD formats "? with Sony and Blu-Ray on one side and Toshiba's HD-DVD on the other. Well, take hope various reports claim that the combatants are negotiating towards a single standard incorporating the best aspects of both formats. The status of these negotiations is another matter "? some reports have Sony and Toshiba close to a deal, while others have them stalled again.

Currently the two rivals have split the market almost evenly, but recognize that maintaining different formats is bad for everyone in the long run. Whether this mindset will indeed result in a single DVD standard isn't yet clear, but the negotiations give us some hope.

It's also not clear what will happen to Sony's PlayStation3 in the interim. Sony announced last year that its next-generation game console would use Blu-Ray technology, but presumably that would change if the negotiations are fruitful.

Coverage at http://shorl.com/dyvetugikobi