Video Game Law Blog

April 12, 2006

In an earlier posting we reported that the owner of (a site dedicated to posting cheat codes for video games) recently sued a competitor, Crave Online Media, for copying his postings and replicating them on their website.  He claims Crave Online Media violated his copyright in the postings.

We now understand that the parties have settled on undisclosed terms. Which is too bad, really, because we wanted to see how the court would deal with the question of copyright ownership. The plaintiff (of course) was not the author of the actual cheat codes, so he wouldn’t own copyright in them. Perhaps his claim was based on any original content he added to his site in addition to the cheat codes, but we probably won’t ever know for sure.

The case is Allison v. Crave Online Media, 1:2005cv01186 (USDC, District of Colorado).