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December 14, 2006

There was a recent controversy in Boston over the placing of Grand Theft Auto ads on Boston subway cars (see here ). The Metro Boston Transit Authority General Manager has now announced that the MBTA will ban ads for AO (Adults Only) and M (Mature "? 17 and older) rated games. The rationale behind the decision is apparently that if the MBTA can ban ads for X-rated movies, it can do the same for AO and M games in the interests of not offending its riders.

The decision begs the question of what is an X-rated movie? The MPAA movie ratings include R (under 17 must be accompanied by adult) and NC-17 (no admittance under 17). R-rated movies may contain 'strong language, violence, nudity, drug abuse, other elements, or a combination of the above"?, and we suppose it's not unlikely that M-rated games could have similar content.

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