Bill 133 Regulations

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June 12, 2007

The Ministry of the Environment ("MOE") posted the final regulations for Bill 133 on the Environmental Bill of Rights ("EBR") on June 8, 2007. The Environmental Penalties ("EP") regulations are included. They can be found on the MOE weblink below. Attached is a slide presentation from the MOE explaining the changes between the draft regulations which were issued in October 2006 and these final regulations.

The final regulations are somewhat less punitive than they were in draft; although, they remain cumbersome and onerous.

There are changes in the final regulations involving scheduling:

  1. Phase I compliance, which concerns major violations, is now to take effect on October 1, 2007 instead of May 1, 2007.
  2. Phase II violations are effective from December 1, 2008.
  3. Spill Prevention and Contingency Plans ("SPCP's") must now be submitted by September 1, 2008 instead of February 1, 2008.

Ministry of the Environment: Penalties Webpage

PDF Slide Show: Environmental Penalties