Be Prepared…to Pay Your Royalties

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October 24, 2006

Finally, the Boy Scouts of Los Angeles catch up with the trials and tribulations facing your modern LA Boy Scout today!  Now, in addition to learning how to tie knots, survive in the woods overnight with nothing but a pen-knife, and other feats of 19th century survival not seen in LA since the dawn of the freeway, Boy Scouts can earn an activity patch called "Respect Copyright." To earn the patch, Boy Scouts learn all about the evils of pirating movies, games and music, and the basics of copyright law.  They learn how to identify pirated content (as if the grainy quality of some of those movies aren't a dead giveaway), and about the ways in which copyrighted works are stolen.  There is a list of activities which a Scout can choose to complete to earn the Respect Copyright Patch, which include creating their own public service announcements about illegal downloading, or touring a movie studio to personally meet the everyday joe whose job is on the line as a result of copyright infringement.  The Respect Copyright Patch curriculum has been developed by the Motion Picture Association of America.  Next up for the LA Boy Scouts the Barista patch, in which the boys intern at Starbucks to learn the difference between a half-sweet no water nonfat vanilla soy latte and a double-tall extra hot sugar free caramel macchiato, and the Paparazzi patch, in which the Scouts must chase Lindsay Lohan out of the Ivy and down Melrose on scooters, while carrying bulky camera equipment.  Be prepared!

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