Video Game Law Blog

September 15, 2006

Online instant chat company Paltalk has sued Microsoft for patent infringement. The lawsuit claims that Xbox Live violates two of Paltalk's US patents which cover online communications.

This lawsuit follows several other major patent lawsuits in the gaming industry, including Agere v. Sony (relating to PSP and PS2 technology), Immersion v. Sony (relating to Sony's Dual Shock controllers), Yahoo! v. XFire (relating to Yahoo!'s Game Prowler IM application) AVG v. Atari (relating to AVG's patent for spherical panning) and Lucent v. Microsoft (relating to the 360's method of decoding MPEG-2 files).

It's also interesting from a Microsoft perspective, considering that earlier this spring Microsoft was awarded its 5,000thUS patent. 
Coverage of Paltalk lawsuit here